Blockchain technologies and cryptography

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What is WexPlanet?

WexPlanet is an education platform that brings together cryptocurrency experts and all those who are interested in being part of crypto community while taking care of the environment and offsetting their carbon footprint. It is a fully decentralized network, using cutting-edge cryptocurrency technologies.
Our goal is to become the leading global cryptocurrency education platform for business leaders and key cryptocurrency players who take care of the environment.

What are benefits of Cryptocurrency?

Cryptocurrency transactions are done via public and private keys for security purposes, and they do not require the involvement of a third party. The transaction fees are very low which allows users to avoid banks and financial institutions for wire transfers.

What is Cryptocurrency?

Cryptocurrencies facilitate the transfer of a store of value between two parties. This contrasts the physical world, where we transfer value via tangible tokens such as pieces of paper or metal coins. In the online world, however, we use a bank or a third party to verify these transactions. By using cryptocurrency, you eliminate the need to use a third party altogether.

What is Carbon Offset?

Global warming and emissions can be reduced by consuming less energy, reusing paper, changing traveling habits etc. Unavoidable emissions can be compensated by purchasing Carbon Offsets. Individuals can purchase Carbon Offsets to reduce their personal carbon footprint created by their energy use and traveling emissions. Companies can purchase Carbon Offsets to offset their activities and build a green image of the company. WexPlanet devotes part of its turnover to support environmental sustainability by supporting environmental projects.

What is Blockchain?

Blockchain is a database that maintains a continuously growing list of ordered records. In cryptocurrency environment, it has been designed for transaction processing and data provenance. Blockchain is an open, distributed register that can record transaction between two parties in permanent way and is working in a peer-to-peer network. Database is managed autonomously.

low fees

Low Fees

Compared to other payment solutions, WexPlanet offers low and attractive transaction fees

Eco Footprint

WexPlanet is purchasing Carbon Offsets and funding projects for environmental sustainability

peer to peer

Peer to Peer

WexPlanet transactions can take place between two people. Coins can be kept in a desktop wallet or in an online wallet.
online support

Online Support

WexPlanet support team is always on hand to help you to take full advantage of the WexPlanet system.


WexPlanet is connecting millions of people to the future of technologies

WexPlanet devotes part of its turnover
to support environmental sustainability

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