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WexPlanet is an education platform that provides information about the latest technology trends and helps link the cryptocurrency community together, emphasizing carbon offset.

The platform has been made by individuals, who are interested in new generation technologies and future finances, to avoid third party intervention and high transaction fees. Our team of professionals and experts have developed a platform that allows users to experience the benefits of cryptocurrencies. WexPlanet users can transfer funds among members as well as buy and sell coins on the exchange. We support the development of best-in-class professional practices in the cryptocurrency economy.

Wexcoin was originally started as an environment focussed cryptocurrency. This is how we stand out of the rest of cryptocurrencies. According to this Wexcoin can be called a type of carbon coin. Every transaction with Wexcoin creates revenue that goes to either purchasing Carbon Credits or helping replantation initiatives around the world. With us, you will get to help the environment while growing your business and improving your lifestyle. Living and working at WexPlanet will give you opportunity to achieve sustainability in your business environment. Moreover, by working together, we make it easy, attractive and affordable for people everywhere to lead completely sustainable lifestyles.

Our main objective is to spread knowledge about cryptocurrency and Blockchain technologies at the same time taking care for environmental sustainability. We bring together the newest technologies and business leaders to shape the future of finance. At every opportunity, we highlight the potential of the cryptocurrency as a new means of changing the way we interact with industries and the society. We help to connect with key players and offer opportunities to create new business relationships.

We are bringing cryptocurrency into the real world!

Bringing cryptocurrency to the real world

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