Compensation Plan

WexPlanet has a simple rewards structure for associates who work with us to build a sustainable and long term business network. The key components are Direct Sales Commission with a lucrative Binary Commission structure with a Matching Bonus.

We have a number of package levels. Normal Users of the system have free access to the app and all of the functionalities of the system other than to be able to recruit new users and earn. Starter Associate registration is only $200, this gives you all the tools and benefits of building the business and creating a long term income.

Five Income Streams

WexPlanet offers you five income streams, along with benefits to support you at each step of your growth towards leadership.

  1. Personal Sales Commission
  2. Dual Team Rewards
  3. Matching Bonus
  4. WexPlanet Staking Rewards
  5. Leadership Recognition Rewards

70% of the commissions go into your Online Account and 30% go into the CryptoNitex Exchange Account. We will also ensure that business remains the same in the long term by managing the Income Protection Variables. Please see definitions for more details.

Personal Sales Commission

Personal Sales Commission is paid for directly referring a sale of WexPlanet Product Packages. Personal Sales Commission is available to all active WexPlanet Associates. If you directly refer a customer that purchases WexPlanet products, then you will be eligible for a Personal Sales Commission.

The amount of Personal Sales Commission for each WexPlanet package is shown in the table below.

Package Name Price Coin Units Personal Sales Commission Sales Points
Starter $200 175 $20 200
Basic $500 500 $50 500
Premium $1,000 1,000 $100 1,000
Business $3,000 3,200 $300 3,000
Professional $5,000 6,000 $500 5,000

Dual Team Rewards

The Dual Team Rewards is calculated from your Dual Team Structure, based on the sale of WexPlanet Product Packages. You have two sides of your business, the left and the right side. Either of these sides can be the Power Leg (Greater Leg Sales Points) or the Pay Leg (Lesser Leg Sales Points). You will be rewarded based on how successfully you build balanced sales figures in your Dual Team Structure.

To start earning Dual Team Rewards, you need to personally refer 400 Sales Points to your Left Leg and 400 Sales Points to your Right Leg.

WexPlanet pays up to 11% of the Pay Leg Total Sales Points depending on your position within the business and qualification. You need to have a minimum of 400 Sales Points on the Pay Leg for your Dual Team rewards to be processed. All Sales Points expire after 180 days.

The beauty of this type of rewards is that everyone in your Dual Team Structure will work towards a common objective to increase sales within their own Dual Team Structures. Potentially, everyone is working together as a team helping each other.

Package Name or Recognition Level Percentage Dual Team Rewards Maximum Dual Team Rewards
Starter 8% $1,000
Basic 8% $2,500
Premium 9% $5,000
Business 9% $10,000
Professional 10% $15,000

Matching Bonus

As you progress through different Associate levels, you will have the opportunity to earn Matching Bonus. The level of commission that you can earn depends on your Matching Bonus qualifications as shown in the table below.

Bonus Level Matching Bonus Qualification
Level 1 3% Refer 1 Premium pack on each Leg*
Level 2 3% Refer 2 Premium packs on each Leg*
Level 3 2% Refer 3 Premium packs on each Leg*
Level 4 2% Refer 4 Premium packs on each Leg*
Level 5 2% Refer 4 Premium packs on each Leg*
Level 6 3% Refer 5 Premium packs on each Leg*
Level 7 3% Refer 5 Premium packs on each Leg*

* Only registrations on the outside of the leg will count towards this qualification.

WexPlanet Staking Rewards

WexPlanet Staking Rewards are paid on any Wexcoin that you place in the Staking account. Although your coins are not accessible to you, they will generate Staking Rewards. Any Staking Rewards generated will be allocated to your coins account. WexPlanet has a unique staking algorithm that not only takes account of traditional coin staking through the Wallet but also uses the performance of the WexPlanet payments within business to generate further Staking Rewards for our Associates.

To ensure that our Associates get the best benefits, we place all coins given within the packages into the Staking Rewards system.

To qualify for weekly Staking Rewards, you must log into the Member's Area at least once per day for seven days straight. Please note that WexApp logins do not count towards the qualification. To keep track of your logins, we advise you to use the 'Last Logins' button on your Dashboard.

Leadership Recognition Bonus

WexPlanet system offers seven recognition levels. As you build a team structure, you also receive a bonus reward for achieving the Recognition Level.

Recognition Level Qualification Reward Cash Back Level
Bronze Associate Generate 30,000 Sales Points in Weak Leg iWatch 4
Silver Associate Generate 100,000 Sales Points in Weak Leg iPhone 4
Gold Associate Generate 300,000 Sales Points in Weak Leg iPad Pro 6
Platinum Associate Generate 1,000,000 Sales Points in Weak Leg MacBook Air 8
Ruby Associate 3 Platinum Associates in Three Different Legs Omega Watch 10
Emerald Associate 3 Ruby Associates in Three Different Legs BMW 3-Series 10
Diamond Associate 3 Emerald Associates in Three Different Legs Tesla X-Type 10

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